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January 15, 2017 - No Comments!

Last Day First Day

Following the election last fall, our son, Erik initiated a project called "Last Day First Day." I was taken by his initiative and timing to ask us all to actively reflect through writing.    Writing, creating, performing allows reflection and self-expression.  Whether you voted for either candidate in the election, the process of sharing your views in a simple letter results in shifting or embracing a new mindset and yes, we are creating art in doing this simple act.

We can apply this exercise whether it is for a political, personal or business reason.first day last day  Engagement means diving into new conversation so that we understand more clearly where we stand and learn from each other's perspectives.  How about embracing honesty?  There is honesty in our own action and words.  Every day we have a chance to share an honest perspective and walk through new doors; maybe you have the first day in a new job and a last day to leave what you knew behind.  You now have a new story to write. The story will emerge through your words and experience.

I am suggesting (thank you Erik) that whether you are writing to Obama or Trump, or writing to your old boss and or a new one, the power of your reflection opens you to creativity and courage that might surprise you.  Julia Cameron, author of the Artists Way, suggests daily morning pages. What if you simply wrote for last and first days of any change this year.  New job, new project, new boss, or new relationship.  Let your creative self speak up this year. Imagine the stories you have inside you.   Thank you Erik for inspiring us to action and an idea that might serve us all well over the course of this new year beyond January 20th.

August 23, 2016 - No Comments!

A World of Music & Meeting Points

hollywood bowlThe Hollywood Bowl is one of our favorite venues in Southern California.  Actually, it rivals most venues due to the magical setting and lovely evening breezes along with the most eclectic and amiable music lovers on the planet.

Sunday night we saw Yo-Yo Ma and his Silk Road band.  The historical silkroad was a series of land and sea trade routes that crisscrossed Eurasia, bringing the exchange of goods and innovations from Japan to the Mediterranean Sea for some 2,000 years, until the 14th century.

Now we have our own silk road and with artistic director Yo-Yo Ma, the Silk Road Ensemble visited California for an amazing and wide-ranging travelogue of music both traditional and new, suggesting a modern-day equivalent to the sort of cultural exchange that the old trade routes in centuries long gone by had experienced.

Has this group made a difference in peace and understanding around the world?  If we read the newspaper it might imply that we have not made a dent.  I agree with Richard Ginell's review in the LA Times.  He said, "This concert was ranked as one of the most fun." The Bowl looked totally sold out, the attendees were diverse, enthusiastic and totally into the music.  It was eclectic, energetic, joyous and memorable for a wonderful hot August night in Los Angeles.

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February 12, 2012 - No Comments!

Metropolis – A complex sculpture that illustrates our pace today

I just had the pleasure of visiting the Los Angeles Art Museum (LACMA) and loved Chris Burden's kinetic sculpture, called Metropolis II. It is intense, fun and frenetic.  Feels like watching yourself on the freeways of LA.  Think about our pace, speed of thought and action....the artist captured it in this amazing sculpture.

It begs the question, "Do you feel like you are running at light speed literally through your day, week or month" and wonder if you are accomplishing what matters most to you?  The miniature cars speed through twists and turns.  It mirrors our own flight from one place to another whether you are on the freeway or not.  I attended a great webinar this week where Harry Kraemer, former CEO of Baxter and current Professor at Northwestern's Kellogg School, spoke of living our values honestly.  He suggested that every day, we ask ourselves, "What did I accomplish?" and "What am I proud of?"  He asks that of himself every day along with, "If I were to live this day over, what would I do differently?"

I love that reflection exercise to put perspective on this accelerating, email driven work world we are in. Read his book, "From Values to Action"  and also visit LACMA - great inspiration for the soul.



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