The reality is that finding, developing and keeping top talent is consistently one of the top three challenges for the “C” suite and people managers.

Years ago it was easy to find and keep talent. Today it is complicated and competitive. Talent Acquisition professionals have to operate on an entirely different level. They are talent consultants. New skills and strategies are make it or break it elements of building an efficient recruiting engine.

Early in our company history here at SBCo, we began helping clients build those recruiting engines. We continue this today by understanding the business and how the company wants to be known for its talent.

We want to know how you see the future of talent for your culture.  Then we help you get there.

Do you want to:

  • Create a workforce plan?
  • Define a customer centered process?
  • Transform the role of Recruiter from “order taker to consultant/advisor.”
Talent Acquisition Assessment

There are five steps in our assessment process. A project like this often starts with a client discussion about the desired changes in the role of Talent Acquisition or the need to improve metrics, or hiring manager satisfaction. All of our projects are tailored to the situation. We believe in the philosophy that is:

  • Simple
  • Relevant
  • Repeatable
  • Teachable


Recruiter Development

Most Recruiter development today focuses on sourcing and technology. We help Recruiters improve their business partnerships and move from order taking to consultative advising roles. Hiring Managers need recruiters who understand the business and challenge client thinking about talent planning and development.

There are several areas in the search process where we help recruiters improve the launch search process, deepen the conversation about needs, increase the number of qualified candidates, and accelerate the time to fill.

Topics covered

  • Webinar session 1: Introductions, Goals & Concepts
  • Webinar session 2: From Profile to Action
  • Webinar session 3: Getting a troubled search back on track
  • Webinar session 4: How to meet and overcome challenges with Hiring Managers

What does it mean to be a consultant in talent acquisition today?

  • You bring the voice of talent strategy to hiring decisions
  • You challenge and not just satisfy hiring managers
  • You leverage your market expertise to influence
  • You build targeted pipelines
  • You convey a business logic for your recruiting suggestions

Case Study 
We implemented a one day workshop and four follow-up webinars for a team of nine Recruiters in a high volume recruiting function.  The goal was to improve client management outcomes and fill positions faster. We introduced new tools and a consultative approach.. By the end of the sessions, our results included:

  • Within six weeks, three positions were filled and one offer in the works.
  • 30% less time spent in screening calls with increased quality of candidates presented.
  • With new launch plan, a hard to fill position was completed in three weeks.
  • Instead of constant follow-up calls to a non-responsive manager, after using a new technique, communication was on track and relationship improved.