Our team

Meet the talented team behind S. Benjamins & Company.

Sherry Benjamins, Founder & CEO
Sherry believes that there is one operating principle that matters — building relationships. Over 19 years, she has led her company to bring great talent to great companies. She is passionate about making a difference, seeing ideas come to life, and inspiring others to be bold.

Strengths: Connector, Strategist, Forward Thinker

Kate Kjeell, Managing Director
Kate’s passion is forging and maintaining healthy partnerships, leading teams and keeping everyone on track. She is a true global citizen with an amazing multicultural family. Her favorite quote, “What is a business if it’s not people?” reminds her of the simple reasons why she works in the people business. 

Strengths: Strategy, Agile Leader, Results Driven

Corey, Search Consultant & Branding Expert
Corey wears many hats which include search, sourcing, and brand ambassador consulting. She believes that your online brand is a continuous virtual handshake with your next employer, client, employee, and/or business partner. Her insights and ability to think through the important issues enriches the team and demonstrates an elevated customer service.   

Strengths: Tech Savvy, Social Media Expert, Creativity

Janice Renock, Search Consultant
Janice brings extensive search and inside company experience to her work.  She is passionate about learning and helps the team think creatively. Her thoughtfulness about what path to take and how to navigate the unknown fuels her imagination and results.
Strengths: Tenacious, Thoughtful, Insightful

Nicole Peguero, Search Consultant
Nicole knows that great leaders surround themselves with great people. She enjoys the challenge of finding the right individual for each and every opportunity, and realizes the human element of search is the most important facet of the work we do. Her appreciation of relationships guides her interactions with both clients and candidates.

Strengths: Authentic, Diligent, Innovative

Cindy Condran, Marketing Consultant & Storyteller
Cindy helps our team uncover the unique and authentic qualities of each search we take on which includes, company, culture, and leader responsibilities.  She translates the client’s vision so that candidates want to know more. Cindy values individuality, diversity and creativity, and brings new ideas to the table for us to explore.
Strengths: Creative Idea Generator, Brand Strategiest, Accountable

Lisa Sutherland, Search Consultant
Lisa understands the serendipity of connecting with great talent from the unexpected avenues. She is passionate about this work for it inspires creativity and the adventure within each search. Lisa enjoys long standing relationships with our clients and seeing her hires go on to do great things.

Strengths: Perseverance, Relationship Builder, Listening

Stephan Benjamins, Chief Administrative Officer
Stephan keep us all on track. He manages the financials and the system. He is the foundation that keeps the engines going. He is also a creative force and sets the stage for our micro-sites from the very beginning, taking a unique approach to communicating our client stories. We now have a team of folks that write and build the stories so that we can go out and "Find the One."

Strengths: Systems Organized, Financial Acumen, Artistic