Our process

How do we find the ONE?
We take a disciplined, yet adaptive approach to each search project.

Every client and search project presents a unique challenge.  We’ll start with getting to know what makes your company tick: what values are respected, and how the culture is experienced. We want to know what makes this position and company unique. This gives us the insight we need to engage candidates for the best fit.

We spend more time than most on the front end of each engagement to get at these details. This produces three key results:

  1. Quicker time to candidate presentation
  2. Higher quality candidate connections
  3. Ultimately, a hire that sticks and is a great fit!

This will minimize your investment in both time and money, while maximizing the outcome.

We take the information we learn about your company, its culture, and the role in question and draft a document that tells a compelling story about this opportunity. It is written in a way that engages the most desired potential candidates.

We then collaborate with you to determine where to find the most desirable candidates and design a plan for reaching them. This story is used in a number of ways in the search, including:

  • A microsite where interested candidates can find out more
  • A process to share the story with all of our networks
  • Presenting a “real position, culture and company preview”

For some clients, all they require is what we deliver to this point, and that’s fine with us.  But most realize we now have a great handle on their company and the unique opportunity, and they choose to leverage our expertise and resources to carry out the search.

Once the story is written, a sourcing strategy is created.
To accomplish this, we work with our client to identify targets and ideal profiles.  We then establish the best methods for finding & engaging the candidates.  

We reach out and develop connections and a network of talent for this specific role.  

Depending on your needs, we structure an appropriate plan for screening the candidates, which ranges from confirming minimum qualifications to completing a full evaluation for fit.  This is where our agility really comes into play.

Our model is built on collaboration, among our diverse team and with you. Whatever plan we all believe will deliver the best results is the plan we run with. And it’s not uncommon for the plan to change midstream, as we continually calibrate and make adjustments based on what we’re finding in the market. We remain flexible in order to achieve the greatest results for our client.

Typically, within 2 weeks of the project launch, our clients start seeing viable candidates.  And all the data we gather along the way will be shared in summary: from every candidate contacted; to market insight; to evaluation results…we will be as transparent as your own team (some clients say more!)

For clients who want us to manage the full search cycle, we will handle all the interviews and assessments, right up to facilitating the offer process, and beyond.

Services we can provide in the full cycle search include:

  • Tailored selection process
  • Interview preparation (hiring team & candidates)
  • Interview guides
  • Candidate cultural and skills fit assessment
  • Talent Mapping (finding quality talent for future needs in diverse geographies & industries)
  • Compensation recommendation (based on market research)
  • Offer negotiations
  • Hiring team de-briefing
  • Reference checks
  • Great Starts (on boarding facilitation)
  • Executive Assimilation (coaching for the first year)


And for the high level searches, we are happy to facilitate onsite interview panels to help your organization make the most critical hires.

Our completed work for this search is not an end. It is the beginning of developing a talent connection with candidates needed now or later. These individuals will be relationships, fans, or supporters for our client in the future. We know how important this is. Our goal is to find the ONE and continue to build connections for the future.