“Taking a new path into something unknown encourages growth.  I like the energy of tackling new challenges.  I guess I’ve always looked at change in a positive way – I see it as something you don’t have to embark on along.”

This outlook served Sherry well when she set out to reinvent herself as an entrepreneur over a decade ago. Of course, running a business wasn’t completely unknown to her when she launched S. Benjamins & Company in 1997. Besides holding an MBA from Pepperdine University, she’d already enjoyed an accomplished career of 17 years in corporate HR and 8 years in a P&L Senior Vice President role with an international career services firm.

Sherry brings in depth business experience and something else that defines her style: relationships. Consciously developing relationships, both with clients and members of the SBCo team, is a fundamental element of how she conducts business.  As Sherry  puts it, “Relationship is at the core of the very work we do—everything begins and ends with relationship. People drive business, and relationships drive people.”

In addition to being the President and CEO of SBCo, Sherry is founder of a senior leadership group called HRoundtable. This regional executive learning forum brings senior HR leaders together to share business and HR strategies.

When Sherry’s not in the office or meeting with clients, you’ll probably find her at one of the art galleries where her son Eric’s photography is on exhibit.